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Data management includes all stages of the digital information lifecycle. Whether you’re a beginner who needs to define an industry term or a professional seeking strategic advice about how to use big data, this IT Knowledge Center will help you learn about the technologies that make data-driven projects possible, including database management, storage and data analytics.

Data Management Webinars

Today's information economy demands more speed and agility than ever before. Companies must be able to change direction, specialize, amplify,...

Expectations have changed. That's true for users, executives and customers alike. There's no time for systems running slowly, or cost overruns...

The speed of innovation today creates tremendous opportunities for some, existential threats for others. Companies that win create their own success...

Analysts can do amazing things when they have the right data. Add to the mix some machine learning and artificial intelligence, and something...

Data Management Downloads

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There are key steps businesses can take to start automating processes and realizing the benefits of doing so. Many companies begin by leveraging technologies to automate...
Image for Digital Supply Chain Management
Learn why a digital supply chain is critical for manufacturing and wholesale distribution businesses!
Image for The Data Lake Survival Guide: The What, Why and How of the Data Lake
Examine how the new ecosystem created by the data lake will no longer consist entirely of the transactions (or events) of the business.

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