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What courses and training should I focus on when making a career move into tech?

By Joel Hoffman | Last updated: April 9, 2020

As you consider your move, I recommend spending time looking at a few key areas and dig deeper into what interests you.

Each role is different yet works in different areas ranging from customer-facing interaction to team environments for development.

If you’re more a one-person show type person, identify what interests you because if you don’t you won’t be happy in your career move.

It’s important to gain training and certifications but remember, many of these positions day to day activities can vary and are not limited solely to the specific category.

The following are key areas to consider.

SaaS Administrator

Learn and get certified in Microsoft M365 platform, UCaaS and CCaas platforms.

IaaS Administrator

Azure, AWS and even VMWare all need server and security experts.


The move to cloud traditional security needs have changed making it more important to be able to apply security in many areas not just your physical location anymore.

Coding/App Development

This sector is still exploding and requires IT needs to get all the systems connected.

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Written by Joel Hoffman | Director of IT and Facilities at TBI Inc.

Joel Hoffman is Director of IT & Facilities at TBI, where he manages a team of IT professionals to keep the 200+ employees up and running every day. Joel has over 25 years of experience in project, staff, and systems management within multiple service industries. You can connect with Joel on LinkedIn or via email at

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